Oct 30th, 2020
Post by Bellavita Luxury

Baxter collides with the worlds of audio and design, outfits the ‘World of McIntosh Townhouse’ with its signature furnishings

Located in the heart of New York City, in the vibrant Soho District, the WORLD OF MCINTOSH is comprised of five stories with a mix of modern, yet elevated, features that showcase the latest audio offerings of McIntosh Group. This October, the townhouse is transformed by luxury Italian furniture brand, BAXTER, through its elevated furnishings – providing a new design outlook on a space known for its specific style. Designed as an immersive space to provide the full McIntosh experience, the WOM townhouse brings Mcintosh Group’s music history to life and with Baxter’s signature pieces outfitting the space—music and style seamlessly merge.

Meeting with the WOM team allowed Baxter to better visualize the placement of its pieces within the space and recognizing the synergy between both brands the vision became a reality—allowing for a cohesive design concept. Evoking the spirit of Italy, in tune with the melodic backdrop of WOM, Baxter highlights its signature aesthetic by showcasing its refined, yet functional, full-grained leathers and distressed hides – balanced with muted tones and sophisticated upholstery.

The thought of technology and design merging would typically amplify the differences between each brand’s external makeup but it’s that juxtaposition that highlights the shared passion for detail and craftsmanship. The handwork that goes into the creation of McIntosh’s high-end audio is parallel to Baxter’s team of talented designers and shows the commitment to delivering the upmost quality; a dedication that brought these seemingly opposing brands together. However, the personal identities of WOM and Baxter are not lost within this partnership—while fusing its individual traits together—you can still feel the spirit of Baxter as you wander the halls of WOM.

The Baxter’s collection displayed in the World of McIntosh townhouse will allow lovers of the interior and design worlds to touch, view and experience the best of audio and furnishings in one space.