Jun 17th, 2018
GRAND OPENING – Bellavita Luxury in HCM
Post by Bellavita luxury

Design style of showroom Bellavita in Ho Chi Minh Eco design has becoming more and more popular all over the world for its design ethic, eco friendly and sustainability.

Bellavita Luxury is not an exception from this trend. The showroom is located in the central of Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam where urban life style is in every corner of sky crapper. Taking the location advantage and the aethestic surrounding, the buiding is covered up with green plants up to 70% the exterior. It creates an emphasis on the showroom outlook and enhances the building design which aims to inspire everyone with eco design trend. In contrast to the exterior, Bellavita Luxury showroom interior is built up with white tone, clean lines, curve and glass partitions. Spiral staircase makes the space into one unique piece, connect all lines of furniture collections from different brands, presenting various kind of styles.