We invite you to admire Baxter’s interior display space at showroom Mohd Officina Milano, Italy. Located in the center of the design area, the showroom offers a different taste with a mix of interior layouts and lots of unique fresh flowers, it brings a highlight and lightness to the space, and they are great examples for you to refer to your own living space.

Living in Leather

“The leather is everything. Ours is a real passion, a cult for a raw material”

In recent years, the collections from the Italian furniture brand have received much love from customers who love modern designs, with hand-crafted leather techniques, delicate combinations of different materials. , youthful colors, perfectionist spirit in every stitch.

We invite you to come to the nearest Bellavita Luxury Showroom to experience with us these passionate works and attractive offers in limited quantities.
(Actual photo taken at Showroom HCM)


The Salone del Mobile 2022 event took place successfully, the famous Italian brand – Baxter has received many positive feedbacks from fans about the new collection with neutral and elegant tones but still keeping its boldness and fashionability.

For the first time, Baxter has introduced a number of outdoor products to create a real living space of a house, where the interior and exterior furniture combine gracefully, using the same design language, the products combine in the most harmonious way.

In addition, Baxter Cinema has also restructured and redesigned the space with the main goal of bringing a new type of experience to those who truly love and understand Baxter’s living space. See more here.


On 10/05/2022 AND 14/05/2022, Bellavita Luxury furniture showroom was pleased to hold a cozy and intimate conversation exclusively for representatives from the high-end furniture brand Baxter, one of leading brands in Italy, together with the close Association of Architects who have accompanied Bellavita Luxury, in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Italy is known as the symbol of the fashion capital of the world, the place where the creation of a series of international brands originated. Also, in this boot-shaped country, the Baxter brand was conceived and officially put its first impressions in 1990 by two entrepreneurs, Luigi and Paolo Bestetti, with the model of a furniture manufacturing company formed traditionally, Baxter also has a factory located in Italy.

Baxter’s strength is the intersection of contemporary and classic which is strongly affirmed through its very characteristic design language. It is the result of a collaboration between Baxter and many experienced interior designers with out-of-the-box design thinking. They bring colorful design lines and convey the diversity of many different layers of design languages, capable of combining into an extremely harmonious and “very Baxter” mood.

Through the conversation, the brand representative conveyed Baxter’s message and inspiration to the guests, as well as Baxter’s philosophy on tanning, one of Baxter’s strengths and pride when it comes to tanning in order to launch furniture products designed by various designers.

Besides the traditional values, respect for the origin and nature, the meticulousness and high skill of the artisans have molded the unique and high-class interior products. Baxter has always focused on emotions and experiences, which is also the reason why the brand invests in research to create and produce more than 200 different leather lines, with outstanding diversity and variability thanks to the technology of tanning. Baxter’s own leather makes each product unique and meets most of the needs and uses of its owners.

In addition, within the framework of this conversation alone, Baxter shared some information about the upcoming Salone del Mobile 2022 event that will take place on 07/06/2022 in Milan – Italy and more specifically, the representative also “reveales” the trends of the new season, with a completely new product line being developed and introduced in 2022.

Follow Bellavita Luxury to see the latest Baxter Furniture Collection to be unveiled at Salone del Mobile 2022.

London calling! LASVIT cipher-izes The Londoner hotel

The Londoner super-boutique hotel has recently opened in the iconic Leicester Square – just steps away from the UK capital’s most notable theatres. It was designed by Yabu Pushelberg as an ode to the art of performance, and the internationally renowned design studio teamed up with LASVIT to create an emotional landscape which accommodates everyone. Come in and see our iconic collection Cipher glow in wholly new constellations that bring each of the hotel’s spaces to life!

The backbone of the hotel is formed by an exposed staircase which leads the guests and visitors from the ground floor to the event spaces below-ground. Spanning four storeys, the stairwell is adorned with a customized version of the Cipher chandelier that shapes the visual and physical continuity of the space.

“We wanted The Londoner’s Cipher installations to evoke positive emotions in their visitors, to uplift them. Along with Yabu Pushelberg, we wanted to shape beautiful spaces – light creates space and space creates emotion. And in this case, we did a great job,” says Leon Jakimič, LASVIT’s owner and president.

A subtle theatrical dialogue is staged in the green room which doubles as a private lounge. Here, a cluster of horizontal Cipher chandeliers shines bright right above the bar desk inlaid in green marble mosaic. The softly shadowed light genuinely enhances the place’s intimate atmosphere.

When descending further, more Cipher pendants can be found. Cipher chandeliers delicately illuminate the lower floor, accommodating guests in a ballroom lounge as well as visitors of the gallery located one floor further down. Another Cipher chandelier, this time in the form of a star, also welcomes the guests to the hotel spa.

The Cipher product family contains not only pendants, but also two types of table lamps, a floor lamp and even a vertical wall sconce. These adorn the hotel lobby and reception space on the ground floor, among others.

The Cipher collection gives everyone a unique opportunity to “write” their own design statement in glass. “It is a really flexible piece, and we are able to customize its patterning and rhythm like never before,” says Yabu Pushelberg.  There are 10 crystal components available in two different finishes, four metal finishes, and fitted with three junctors. The possibilities of combinations are almost limitless.


The Altea cabinet, designed by Draga & Aurel and presented in September 2021, was awarded the prestigious Wallpaper* Design Awards 2022 in the Best Flashback category.

Research on colors and materials is the main inspiration from which this piece of furniture and the entire Draga & Aurel collection are born.

Altea is an asymmetrical suspended cabinet made of natural wood, with drawers and flap door decorated by hand with resins coated in shades according to the inspiration of the designers, to create a unique product every time. Available in three color variants that evoke the sensations of warmth and sophistication transmitted by the palettes of the new Baxter collection: Resina Wood, Resina Myrtille and Resina Lilla.

The exclusive design of this product sees the encounter between an innovative material such as resin and typically vintage shapes, which have always fascinated the designer couple. The result is a suspended piece of furniture with a gritty character that, at the same time, expresses the typical elegance of Baxter products.

Quality recognized and awarded internationally by Wallpaper* magazine, a reference point for the fields of architecture, design, fashion, lifestyle and travel.

From a wood workshop to a renowned interior brand Ceccotti Collezioni

Ceccotti Collezioni has become a prestigious representative for the carpentry industry in Tuscany, from formally to the quality as well as the sentimental values that their products carry.

Derived from the artistic cultural inspiration in the furniture and woodworking industry, Ceccotti Collezioni was established in 1956 in a town of Tuscany. The founder – Aviero Ceccotti – led the company to take their first steps in the wood furniture industry, providing housing furniture and then developing a furniture supply chain for hotels as well as in-dept training for their carpentry workmans to ensure the top quality for their products.

In 1998, Franco Ceccotti – the second generation of Ceccotti family – Resonated and brough Ceccotti Collezioni brand to the next level. Well-known as a man with sharp intuition and bravery of a warrior who always ready to take risky steps, Franco Ceccotti chose to cooperate with a talented designer from Pisa – Roberto Lazzeroni, who live and work with design philosophy that chooses a balance between the quintessence of the past and the modern norms. This is what breathes a new life to collections that made the name of Ceccotti Collezioni in international markets.

Every collection is made with core material being solid natural wood, especially American Walnut. Infact, American Walnut with its strong but extremely flexible as well as high durability characteristics, have been chosen to be the main woodline throughout decades of establishment and development of the brand. Being able to show the most perfect designs, express basic characteristics through smooth, winding, gentle, slender but extremely solid curves.

Thanks to these intangible values, along with impressive designs, Ceccotti Collezioni products have become a tangible heritage, creating exclusivity for every customer. Ceccotti Collezioni has accompanied Bellavita Luxury from the early days. Until now, Ceccotti Collezioni has become one of the key brands, along with Bellavita Luxury to bring many emotions to many customers who love this unique wooden furniture product line.

LASVIT at the EXPO 2020: Golden Rain rejuvenates the UAE desert with a storm of life-giving water

The Czech expedition is bringing to the United Arabian Emirates’ desert the greatest gift of all – water. The lighting sculpture entitled Golden Rain pays tribute to the unique process of manufacturing water from air. It was our great pleasure to create such an organic piece of art and thus become one of the main partners of the Czech Pavilion at the EXPO 2020. LASVIT has designed Golden Rain in the spirit of the EXPO 2020, staying true to this year’s theme – “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. It is a commentary on environmental topics as well as an ode to traditional glass craftsmanship combined with cutting-edge technologies.

“The glass sculpture has the shape of golden lianas which have ‘grown’ throughout the whole pavilion. They remind visitors of the flow of energy that allows the entire building to function. The individual ‘stems’ were inspired by the core Czech exhibit at the EXPO 2020 – the S.A.W.E.R. system – which can transform the dry desert into a green oasis. In fact, the gold color which I use in the installation is similar to the functional complex of golden membranes on which the system condenses life-giving water droplets,” explains Maxim Velčovský, LASVIT’s Creative Director and the designer of this unique piece.

Being made of recyclable materials such as metal and glass, Golden Rain brings attention to the issues of sustainability and resilience, which perfectly fits the Czech Pavilion’s location at the main entrance to the Sustainability District. The Czech Pavilion shows off the revolutionary ability to create water from air for the purpose of rejuvenating arid soils, and what might have seemed like an impossible mission in the beginning has recently become a reality. The S.A.W.E.R. system works on the principle of condensation – leveraging the fact that even hot desert air contains a small amount of water vapor – and consequently converts sand dunes into fertile land through targeted microorganism reproduction.

“LASVIT has always strived for innovation and excellence while respecting the principles of sustainability. We therefore take pride in being a partner of the Czech Pavilion at the EXPO 2020, helping to promote something as beneficial and ambitious as bringing water where it matters,” concludes the company’s CEO Aleš Stýblo.

Golden Rain flows through the Czech Pavilion’s two floors and in places reaches a height of six meters, while about it weighs a total of 1 600 kg. It is wholly composed of dozens of glass pendants wrapped in gilded mesh, and 1 000 pieces of additional LED modules. The color scheme corresponds with the pavilion’s hi-tech equipment. Thanks to the dynamic lighting, the sculpture pulses with light and gives the impression of water flowing throughout the building’s interior.

J+J Residence in Brisbane, Australia

Sustainable inside and out: Walter Knoll’s timeless furniture is surrounded by natural materials in the passive-built J&J Residence.

On the edge of a forest of eucalyptus trees, on the outskirts of Brisbane, the architects Hogg & Lamb designed the imposing architecture of J&J Residence using passive design principles. Respect towards the environment and the careful use of resources were the focus of the planning of the two-story building, which responds structurally to high summer temperatures. Rammed earth walls have a thermal effect, and ensure indoor temperatures remain optimal year-round. High-quality furniture and generously sized windows give the light-flooded, elegant residential building its appeal.

Impressive living spaces

Natural materials, atmospheric shadow play and our Jaan Living sofa in light gray characterize the airy living room. In the open, double-height room, our Andoo table is accompanied by the matching chairs from the Andoo range. The solid wood of the furniture in the dining area reflects the sustainable design concept, and corresponds to the wood paneling on the walls as well as the parquet floor.

Transparent and connected to nature

The goal was that the J&J Residence should feel both spacious and cozy. It was also very important to the occupants to feel connected to nature in every part of the house. Made of solid wood and soft leather, our comfortable Andoo Lounge chair offers the chance to enjoy a view of the lush garden with its mountain backdrop.


The collaboration between Baxter and Studiopepe inspires collections of archaic architecture, characterized by products with atypical and sculptural shapes. Among these, the most iconic took part in a new project by the studio, in collaboration with the COUTUME {Studio} showroom: Genius Loci. A project that gets inspiration from the Latin expression “Genius Loci”, which in Roman times referred to the protective spirit of the house. This philosophy is reinterpreted and perceived as the soul of the house and the attitude of the people who live there, to represent not only the history of a place but also an attitude to life. The archetypal shapes and totemic volumes of the Lazybones and Zefir chairs and the Verre Particulier coffee table find their space in the scenography installed in the Bordeaux showroom, where the customized versions of the Thalatha and Jupiter table, made especially for this project, stand out. Closely linked to the raw material, the installation tells its essence and enhances the shapes of the sculptural products, designed by Studiopepe for Baxter.

CIPHER Collection – Poetic visual rhythm

The Cipher collection, designed by creative duo Yabu Pushelberg, is a juxtaposition of heritage techniques and contemporary form to create the slender cylindrical lights, shaped like sunbursts and elongated capsules. Each of the glass bulbs in the Cipher collection is hand-blown, and hand-etched with clean-cut vertical lines, by craftspeople in the Czech Republic. Its delicate hand-blown crystal cylindrical pieces are cut with clean, clear lines. Light emits only from connection points and the sources are ingeniously hidden to soften the overall effect. With components arranged in series and joined by polished champagne-gold finished connections, Cipher’s overall linear form creates a poetic visual rhythm and luminescent silhouettes.

“It is a really flexible piece and we are able to customize its patterning and rhythm like never before,” says Yabu Pushelberg. Cipher embraces hand-blown crystal pieces, which are cut with crisp, clean lines. Light is emitted only from the connection points and the light sources are ingeniously hidden to soften the overall effect. The lighting modular system is like a combinatory game just waiting to be played. There are 12 crystal components available in two different finishes, four metal finishes and three junctors. The possibilities of combinations are almost limitless.

Listone Giordano’s Project: 432 Park Avenue – New York

Matteo Nunziati designed the hallmark elements of the 767 square-meter penthouse of the 432 Park Avenue skyscraper in New York. 432 Park Avenue is an exclusively residential building, located in the heart of Manhattan and a short distance from Central Park. Completed in 2015, with its 426 meters in height and 96 floors, it is considered the third tallest skyscraper in New York however, considering roof height alone, it is the tallest building in the city. This frame enhances the elegance of the iconic large square windows even more. The floor is covered by “Foxtrot” a square wenge wood plank designed by Nunziati for Listone Giordano. 

Foxtrot is a wooden fabric that loses its traditional forms of parquet and is inspired by the works of Mies van der Rohe and Mondrian. An interweaving of lines, squares and rectangles that freely come together to create new surfaces. Foxtrot wood floor stands out for its uniform, elegant and yet essential appearance. When taking a close look at the wooden surface, we discover a geometrical pattern that can constantly generate new, different shapes by simply moving the angle of view.