Lasvit’s impressive Neverending Glory Collection

Another addition to the lavish collection of Lasvit. The LasvitNeverending Glory Pendant is the perfect addition for any perfectly decorated room. Sketched by designers Jan Plecháč and Henry Wielgus, the LasvitNeverending Glory Pendant is a one of a kind pendant lamp. Like all products by Lasvit, the Lasvit Neverending Glory Pendant is one of the most delicate and lavish pendant lights in their collection. The pendant lamp rotates on its own access, playing with lights and shadows. The perfect silhouette takes time and craftsmanship to achieve absolute perfection. Whether used in a group or in a group, this extravagant pendant is sure to take your breath away. The Neverending Glory collection reflects nostalgic emotions and interprets opulent candle chandeliers in new ways and totally original. In individual silhouettes it is possible to recognize iconic chandeliers from five of the world’s most eminent concert halls and theaters: La Scala in Milan, the Palais Garnier in Paris, the Metropolitan Opera in New York, the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow and the Estates Theatre in Prague.


The company was founded in September 1999 with only one objective: bringing affordable pieces of art to a broader public. Gardeco is a Belgian-based company, offering handcrafted pieces from around the world, selling in stores throughout the world. Our goal is to introduce well-talented designers and artists to a broader audience. Gardeco could be considered an art publisher that represents artists and craftsmen. It’s where new ideas in art meet high-end decoration.
Gardeco’s main objective is to introduce art and design to a broader audience through the world’s most exclusive interior stores, renowned museum shops, art galleries, architects and interior designers.
Gardeco’s mesmerising art and design objects are born in the minds of both upcoming and renowned designers and artists from all corners of the world. The result of these partnerships are exclusive collections that evoke profound emotions and carry meaningful stories.
All of the products are produced by skilled craftsmen and artisans. A handcrafted and low technology-based production brings on a variation in all shapes and colours, and thereby a strong sense of authenticity to all of our products. Each mould in which products are made, is made by hand, as well as the final refining details of each product.

LASVIT Art Walls add a new dimension to any space

Sometimes, all a space needs is a touch of the intimate without forfeiting any of its social convenience. We asked ourselves how to give our clients the perfect, modular solution for defining their own space, and we have come up with an answer: decorative glass walls that add personality and a custom dimension to any room. With LASVIT Art Walls you can create any space you dream of.
Thanks to their variety, functionality and aesthetics, LASVIT Art Walls are the best solution for hotels, restaurants, private residences, modern yachts, offices or simply any place one would like to adapt to your taste, while keeping its functionality. These walls can be fixed floor-ceiling, left self-standing or combined, depending on the chosen wall, its intended function and interior setup.
The Art Walls series follows LASVIT’s previous fine glass artworks for architecture – Liquidkristal and Crystal Wall. Now, LASVIT is offering three new solutions: Impasto, Curtain, and Tapestry. These Art Walls can create partitions in space, as well as spectacular walls for spaces of more generous proportions, and come in many shapes, sizes, patterns and colors. They can give any space a streamlined chic aesthetic, as much as a more expressive and artful ambience.
The Impasto Art Wall takes its name from the classic painting technique of post-Impressionist artists, who dabbed their oil paintings in thick, bold strokes. This artful piece can be furnished in ten color options and spatially arranged in virtually endless combinations.

Welcome to the stage
LASVIT’s Curtain gives any interior a sense of privacy with a flare of the dramatic. Its glass elements can be easily rotated to create either more or less intimacy in a space at any given moment or time of day.

An ode to artisan craft
Tapestry found its inspiration in traditional tapestries, great textile art pieces which graced palaces and castles of the past. LASVIT’s Tapestry is made of bent glass that runs through the wall like a thread and offers three different structures – vertical stripes, drapery and grid – presented in crystal-clear glass.
Each Art Wall is a unique, finely-crafted piece, and represents the state of the art of architectural glass works. LASVIT’s modular system provides a great deal of freedom, so they are very variable and can satisfy the users’ particular needs. LASVIT Art Walls provide effective architectural solutions in cutting-edge quality, yet never lose the simplicity and flare of original Bohemian craftsmanship.

More about LASVIT

Showroom Bellavita Luxury
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BIG BEAN – The symbol of Italian craftsmanship

A desk always gives an impression of a boring and stereotyped working place either for the students or the executives. But here is a desk designed in such a unique and beautiful way that it is going to break the definition of a desk. The BIG BEAN desk by Ceccotti Collezioni is one of the best examples of the high artistic cabinet-making activity which characterizes the Tuscany brand. Designed for Ceccotti by Roberto Lazzeroni, the BIG BEAN desk is as precious and elegant as a sculpture and it is handmade according to an artisanal savoir faire handed down over the centuries.

The solid wood is enhanced by sinuous curves which form its silhouette, modelled in a shape that recalls the one of a bean. At the same time retro and modern, the Bean desk by Ceccotti recalls the elegant refinement of the eighteenth-century French desks, while at the same time being fresh and modern. The veins of the wood dance along the entire surface of the desk, almost taking on the value of decorations.

The legs, thin and slightly curved, support a structure composed of eight rounded drawers that leave space in the center for a large recess for the legs and the chair. The top is equipped with a leather desk pad, which can be opened to reveal a storage compartment. Two brass pen holders also have the function of precious decorative details.

Accompanying the BIG BEAN table is the MARLOWE office chair, creating a perfect duo. MARLOWE is an unusual and charming seat.The particular shape of the backrest seems to embrace who’s sitting, giving comfort and relaxation. This chair recalls nature and its shapes making every room and office a relaxful place to live and work in.

With the strength of artisans’ craftsmanship coupled with unique designs, and a long tradition in the treatment and production of wooden furniture, Ceccotti Collezioni’s products always bring an impressive touch for any interior space. Currently, Bellavita Luxury showroom is fortunate to display such artistic furniture in Vietnam.

Showroom Bellavita Luxury
Hanoi: Level 2, Sun Grand City Ancora, 3 Lương Yên, Hai Bà Trưng District | Hotline: 037 243 1091
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Arclinea showcases THEA kitchen system at D Studio Milano

Arclinea is in the D Studio Milano Basement with a Contract space, adjacent to the meeting and design area for architects and developers.The kitchen on display, developed with Thea, the latest Antonio Citterio project for Arclinea, interprets a well-defined concept that meets the trend of separating the kitchen into two zones, quite distinct yet complementary, Wet and Show kitchens, one more technical and the other for socialising. The concept of these areas has led to the creation of two quite different functional spaces, connected by the use of walls/wood panelling and through passages thanks to the Frame door system. The choice of fitting out the Contract space with Thea is proof of the great versatility of a project created for the global market, designed and produced according to the idea of the product as a component and made possible thanks to a big company organisational reshuffle over the past three years.


Island with door in Fenix Efeso with horizontal grooved handle in lacquered Fenix Efeso, structured Waterfall worktop in matt Grey Veined Quarzo Tech, built-in hob with extraction function, Mokabox internal drawer accessories in fumé oak; Canto Snack Bar in black PVD stainless steel with 3000K LED lighting profile and built-in double socket. Wood panelled walls of tall units with Thea door in vertical NTF black ash, vertical grooved handle in black anodised aluminium. Work area opposite island with ovens, fridge and pantry, on the left accessorised wall of tall units, on the right glass-fronted wall of tall units with interiors in NTF black ash and door in Stopsol glass with frame in black anodised aluminium. Built-in Frame System door in vertical NTF black ash links the kitchen area with the utility and display area of the showroom.

Walter Knoll’s ISHINO Collection – When feeling is poured into form

Ishino Sofa & Armchair: the response to our search for immersive comfort

We take a generous seat on the armchairs and sofas and are hugged by their pleasantly rounded backs. Their soulful softness and exceptionally comfortable upholstery draw us in. Soft curves stimulate our senses.

A clear, balanced silhouette is calming to the eyes. The material attracts us almost magically, and surrounds us like a shell. The shape that makes us feel protected has its origins in nature. Firm on the outside, soft on the inside, a bowl-like nest has always provided living beings with protection and comfort.

Ishino side tables: nature as a model 

The Ishino side tables also originate from a template found in nature: smooth, rounded pebbles formed by water. The designer of the Ishino family, Daï Sugasawa, is fascinated by the way that finely polished pebbles come into being. Water and wind shape the stones over years, their beauty emerging through time. 

Daï Sugasawa depicts this natural evolution in the side tables. With floating lightness, they symbolize the power of water, offering a play of soft curves and hard material. They allow us to invite nature into a living space through gentle, organic forms.

Lagos table – Interior masterpiece from Italy

LAGOS – with the softness of every curve, captures the power of the energy and beauty created by the masterpiece. LAGOS dining table – one of the iconic products of the Baxter brand, designed by team Baxter P. The highlight is the natural stone table top created in an asymmetrical oval shape, the table top is placed on 3 stable and cylindrical table legs. Going beyond the traditional shape of common dining table designs, the table legs come in 3 completely different sizes, with the core construction in solid wood, finishing surface in antique brass or iron coating. All these points are truly unique, giving a timeless feel to the LAGOS table masterpiece. Moreover, the essence of this design lies in the natural stone countertops crafted by Gogeddit Stone – a natural stone quarry and supplier established in 1989. Customers have a variety of choices to choose stone surfaces, depending on color and texture preferences. Each slab has its own unique veins, pores and slight cracks that bear the mark of time. Yet the most unique, the most valuable, the most loved, is the Patagonian Granite surface, which belongs to the classification of high-class and rare stones, is the result of the generous offer from Mother Nature, formed from the process of crystallization between granite and onyx, with a rare total mined in Brazil. Each stone slab has its own uniqueness, based on a cream background, combining yellow, gray and black stone crystals, it is truly impressive and gorgeous for any space that owns it. Large arrays of natural quartz crystals also help to spread positive energy fields to the user. The polychromatic nature of this stone crystal shines with a special sparkle under the influence of light and works well in backlit effects because of its translucent texture, creating stunning views for your home. It is this interesting mix that also makes the mining and processing of Patagonian stone face more laborious. Each stone countertop is a work of art and Baxter offers its customers the opportunity to design and contribute to the shaping cuts on this special stone. Each LAGOS table is truly a unique masterpiece in the world. Currently, Bellavita Luxury is fortunate to display this artistic furniture in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City showrooms. 


T-Bone armchair & Árbol side table – A masterpiece duo by designer Jaime Hayon

Following the success of the iconic Twenty Two armchair, the Ceccotti Collezioni brand once again put its trust in designer Jaime Hayon.

Ceccotti Collezioni presents a 25-piece limited edition of the T-Bone designed by Jaime Hayon, signed and numbered, with a special silver plaque. Shellacked mahogany will only be used in this special version: a precious finish that takes hours of work (up to 8 coats) to reach the perfect shine, evenness and purity. It is a wood and a finish that Ceccotti Collezioni uses only for a few special pieces and that felt perfect for such an exceptional star, the limited-edition T-Bone. The upholsteries, designed by Livio De Simone, are hand-painted cotton and go perfectly well with the shellacked mahogany frame of the chair.

The Árbol is the most recent side table that has been added to Ceccotti’s collections. Designed by Jaime Hayon, it adds personality to any space, from residential to commercial interiors, and can be matched with the T-Bone armchairs.In its name and in its design, the Árbol recalls a tree. Three “branches” are grafted into the main body, with the tops providing a larger work surface.

Baxter marks its return with the Milano Worldwide Collection 2021

Although the furniture brand is quite young in Vietnam but it has been a long-standing name in Italy, Baxter is asserting its own place in the vibrant high-end furniture market in Vietnam.

The history of Baxter dates back to 1990 in Brianza, the cradle of creative design in Italy. From the dream of a different business and the desire to expand to the world, the brand was born with a combination of tradition and modernity, production experience and non-stop creative energy. Baxter’s development is fueled by a passion for infusing emotions into interiors, and at the same time bringing a different lifestyle to customers who choose to own Baxter.

Like every year, Baxter continues to launch the Milano Worldwide Collection 2021, inspired by the worlds of art, fashion, design and architecture. This collection was born as a fusion of influences from different concepts, and most of all, all with the same bold use of color and ideas with a sense of everyday life.

The house appears as a place to place pieces of furniture of different styles from different periods, as if they came from a collection built over time. From sofas, armchairs, to carpets and other diverse items, all are in the form of loose structures, with a single mission, to contribute to creating a more comfortable living space.

At the heart of every Baxter philosophy is the quest for excellence in all shapes and materials, and the Milano Worldwide 2021 collection launched on September 5th this year is no exception.

Considered the most creative, and the protagonist of the year, the Clara sofa collection by Christophe Delcourt is developed from basic shapes, but still creates a harmony when putting different modules together. From a sofa consisting of many modules, made up of many separate parts, as well as curves winding up and down; the same main function as a way to divide the space of the living room into separate spaces, expressing the personality of the owner.

Besides, there are Fany table, Keren armchair and Beki pouf from Delcourt; Barret armchair, Altea bookshelf and Arles mirror by the duo Draga & Aurel; Mikado bookshelf, Ellipse table molded by the hands of Federico Peri; Milano armchair from Paola Navone…

Along with new product innovation and development, color and material studies are also a special element of Baxter this year. The combination of two shades of green descending in wood and lichen, recalls the atmosphere of a cozy and elegant home. The new leather panels are combined with the precious white Travertino marble and Lichen colored Onyx.

Purple and pistachio green are a subtle combination inspired by a fashionable palette. Among the stones, Baxter found the Cipollino Abyssal marble, a true work of art gifted by nature.

Lavender color is combined with orange and Myrtille; striking accents come together in more subdued colors, accompanied by a wonderful Tangerine Onyx.

All these novel experiments have created an impressive collection of outstanding products, unmistakable by any other brand, which is exactly what Baxter wants to emphasize.


Superlative comfort, universal and timeless elegance: these are the fundamental characteristics of edra.

Edra was born in 1987 in Tuscany. Today it is known all over the world for the absolute quality of its products, that join artistic tradition, technological research, high manual expertise and very high quality materials.

Edra creates exclusive and timeless products since always. The sofas, armchairs and all other products of Edra collection are designed and realised in such an accurate way that makes them unmistakable and unique, to be experienced with the maximum pleasure. They remain a heritage forever.

A search for quality and a constant pursuit of product innovation has led Edra to develop exclusive solutions for its sofas. Edra’s Development Centre can rely on highly skilled and selected labour that knows how to masterly treat all the steps in the manufacturing process. The technical quality of the materials is certified and always aims at offering the highest level of comfort.


The Frilli Gallery was born in 1860 from the name of Master Antonio Frilli, sculptor and professor of the Fine Arts Academy of Florence.

Since then, the Frilli Gallery has become a point of reference in Florence and internationally, with a clientele ranging from privates to institutions all over the world.
The quest for absolute quality, and the ambition to have a leading role in the art world at global levels, have been two key values to our activity since more than a 150 years.Today the Frilli Gallery produces and sells replicas of classical sculpture in marble and bronze, as well as limestone.
It has numerous collaborations with contemporary artists of international caliber and fame, and works on customized projects for private and public dimensions.


After many delays due to the Covid epidemic situation around the world, the most awaited furniture exhibition Salone Del Mobile will officially be held on September 5-10, 2021. This is also the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Salone event in Milan Italy. Salone Del Mobile was founded in 1961 as the largest exhibition of Italian furniture and export furniture in the world.
Trade shows have grown in size over the years, allowing thousands of companies from the global furniture industries to showcase their products in one place.
And this is the place where Bellavita Luxury meets and corporates with famous furniture Brands such as Baxer (Italy), Ceccotti Collezinoni (Italy), Dimensione Chi Wing Lo (Italy), Walter Knoll (Germany), Lasvit (Czech),…. Bellavita Luxury is proud to be the distributor of these genuine brands in Vietnam.
Every year, those brands will present the latest furniture collections with the most distinctive and impressive trends at the exhibition. Designers and furniture hunters can not miss this event. And surely Bellavita Luxury customers are also looking forward to it. We will update from Brands to bring you the latest news, the most vivid images when the event takes place in the coming days. Let’s wait together!