Dec 24th, 2021
CIPHER Collection – Poetic visual rhythm
Post by Bellavita Luxury

The Cipher collection, designed by creative duo Yabu Pushelberg, is a juxtaposition of heritage techniques and contemporary form to create the slender cylindrical lights, shaped like sunbursts and elongated capsules. Each of the glass bulbs in the Cipher collection is hand-blown, and hand-etched with clean-cut vertical lines, by craftspeople in the Czech Republic. Its delicate hand-blown crystal cylindrical pieces are cut with clean, clear lines. Light emits only from connection points and the sources are ingeniously hidden to soften the overall effect. With components arranged in series and joined by polished champagne-gold finished connections, Cipher’s overall linear form creates a poetic visual rhythm and luminescent silhouettes.

“It is a really flexible piece and we are able to customize its patterning and rhythm like never before,” says Yabu Pushelberg. Cipher embraces hand-blown crystal pieces, which are cut with crisp, clean lines. Light is emitted only from the connection points and the light sources are ingeniously hidden to soften the overall effect. The lighting modular system is like a combinatory game just waiting to be played. There are 12 crystal components available in two different finishes, four metal finishes and three junctors. The possibilities of combinations are almost limitless.