May 23rd, 2022
Post by Bellavita Luxury

On 10/05/2022 AND 14/05/2022, Bellavita Luxury furniture showroom was pleased to hold a cozy and intimate conversation exclusively for representatives from the high-end furniture brand Baxter, one of leading brands in Italy, together with the close Association of Architects who have accompanied Bellavita Luxury, in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Italy is known as the symbol of the fashion capital of the world, the place where the creation of a series of international brands originated. Also, in this boot-shaped country, the Baxter brand was conceived and officially put its first impressions in 1990 by two entrepreneurs, Luigi and Paolo Bestetti, with the model of a furniture manufacturing company formed traditionally, Baxter also has a factory located in Italy.

Baxter’s strength is the intersection of contemporary and classic which is strongly affirmed through its very characteristic design language. It is the result of a collaboration between Baxter and many experienced interior designers with out-of-the-box design thinking. They bring colorful design lines and convey the diversity of many different layers of design languages, capable of combining into an extremely harmonious and “very Baxter” mood.

Through the conversation, the brand representative conveyed Baxter’s message and inspiration to the guests, as well as Baxter’s philosophy on tanning, one of Baxter’s strengths and pride when it comes to tanning in order to launch furniture products designed by various designers.

Besides the traditional values, respect for the origin and nature, the meticulousness and high skill of the artisans have molded the unique and high-class interior products. Baxter has always focused on emotions and experiences, which is also the reason why the brand invests in research to create and produce more than 200 different leather lines, with outstanding diversity and variability thanks to the technology of tanning. Baxter’s own leather makes each product unique and meets most of the needs and uses of its owners.

In addition, within the framework of this conversation alone, Baxter shared some information about the upcoming Salone del Mobile 2022 event that will take place on 07/06/2022 in Milan – Italy and more specifically, the representative also “reveales” the trends of the new season, with a completely new product line being developed and introduced in 2022.

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